Thanatos Vol. 1 - iDthePoet (2012)
iD the Poet's first instrumental album. Volume one in a four part series. Digital Download only. (click to listen/buy)
Nothing For The Vultures - LEIF(kolt) & Dusty Nix (2012)
Six track electro grime EP. Dubstep meets Rap and has baby. Digital Download Only. (click to listen/buy)
Bully Free EP - Dusty Nix & iD the Poet (2011)
Tripped out dub-hop incroporating live instruments and next level electronic production. (click to listen/buy)
Raincheck - iDthePoet (2010)
Sophomore release from iDthePoet showcasing an epic and intensely charged sound. (click to listen/buy)
8===D - LEIF(kolt) (2011)
Groundbreaking Electro Pop Mixtape available as free download or hand painted limited edition. Ft. Ecid, Kristoff Krane and more. (click to listen/buy)
Raincheck Remixes from Around the World -iD (2011)
Producers from around the globe remix selections from iD's 'Raincheck'. (click to listen/buy)

iD the Poet
Dusty Nix
Genius of Soul
Skobie Won
Kid in Position
Kastle Creeps
Fill in the Breaks
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